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If you were building your own home, Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs, would insist on you employing a Building Project Manager.

Having a website is just as important for your business as a Home is to you and your family, the service I offer,  is to be your Website Project Manager.

I offer an initial consultancy service, to enable you to decide what you need from your website. you can decide if you wish to use me to create your website or feel confident that the information I provide to you will give you confidence in approaching another web design company.



I provide businesses with a full range of Web Services. My website creation service operates on a modular basis, from a 'get me on the web' to 'sell my products/services ' websites. You can buy in at any level, knowing that you can upgrade at at a time to suit you. Whatever your business, I aim to help it to perform better. Prices are set at extremely competitive levels and offer unlimited design revisions with all websites created. Specialising in producing Websites using WordPress, I am not self deluding to think that I can satisfy your every requirement, WordPress affords you the ability to migrate your website to wherever you desire it to go, to whomever you want, when your website has been created, it is yours.
I can incorporate your existing company logo design and artwork into your new website. However, if you feel that your existing artwork needs a make over, or you are looking for a new design, I can approach talented individuals on your behalf and act as the point of contact. I will obtain samples and competitive quotes and present them to you for your consideration. It is important that you are happy with your design choices, which is why I look at a wider spectrum of designers. It is also important that your choices can be used at all levels, from brochures. business cards, websites through to Video/Photography. It is important to ensure that your design choices are provided at the highest resolution possible, this allows your design to be use at every medium level.
I provide solutions to your existing requirements or problems. If your existing website is not meeting your requirement, let me offer a solution on how you can recover your website and make it fit for purpose or ask for a consultation meeting to discuss what options are available. I do not place limitations on myself so why place them on you. If your needs go further that what we can offer, so be it, hopefully we can point you in the right direction.
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Side Keys & Co

Side Keys & Co

Elemental Business and Finance Ltd

Elemental Business and Finance Ltd

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Screen Doncaster

White Rose Accountants Ltd

White Rose Accountants Ltd

Campus Coffee Company

Campus Coffee Company

Battle of Britain Monument – Doncaster

Battle of Britain Monument – Doncaster

Website for the Battle of Britain Monument to be located in Doncaster.

About Me/Philosophy


Mark Waterhouse

Producer: Video, Multimedia, Web Design

With over 30 years experience in the Media Industry, I have had numerous experiences from filming Punk Bands to Folk Rock, producing Corporate/Non Profit promotional videos, producing examination materials, Weddings/Funerals. Producing retail DVD products, Aeroplanes, Trains (Steam and Deltics) and Nostalgia(Bygone Films) and a host of Educational Projects (My favourite). Was at the forefront of Web TV( Doncaster.TV), before Youtube became the ‘Byword’… and all points in between.

I encourage the people  I work with, to pick up the phone, or email me, and not fear that the ‘clock is ticking’, and a nasty bill winging its way to them afterwards, and hopefully they will reciprocate by turning these initial enquiries into paid work.

I have always cast myself as a solutions provider, particularly if it Media related. In an industry where technology and trends change all too frequently. I also pride myself on knowing my limitations, if your requirements are beyond my skill level, hopefully I can point you in the direction of someone who can.



The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough for just about anything. That’s the main reason why WordPress has grown so much in popularity. According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 22.5% of all websites on the internet.

Due to it’s robust features, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites including but not limited to: Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay, and more.

It is also portable, if you decide to host it elsewhere, move to another Web Designer or fancy running it your self, then WordPress allows this.




The bulk of Web Hosting providers offer dedicated WordPress Hosting at very reasonable prices. I provide these at costs. You should expect to pay no more than £10.00 per month for this service, and you are the sole owner of the Hosting Package. Many web designers use these packages and  do so on a shared basis, buying a typical hosting package, which has the ability to host an unlimited number of websites.

If you decide to have someone else manage your website , or you want to do this yourself, the response you are likely to get is  ‘Unfortunately I cannot give out the information for you to access your details as it is within our shared hosting platform’. 



In addition to website creation, WMS, can offer Photography,Video, and Animation Services.

You may already have images, photographs and video clips to populate the contents on your site. If not,  the extended team have the facilities to provide these. Adopting the least costs principal, where possible free material will be sourced for inclusion in your website. Copyright clearance will be sourced for all material used. If material has to be purchased, image stock etc, these will provided at costs, and copyright clearance/licences etc will be registered in the purchasers name.

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts

WordPress, is a modular/bolt on web platform. The WordPress software platform is free.

When producing your website, you are paying for my time in managing and creating a finished product.

A WordPress website has two elements to it.   more




Hey, lets face it, I sometimes need a break, I will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to any queries about your website. I see a lot of this listed on websites, however once you make an enquiry it is usually followed by ‘we will get back to you as soon as possible’, however sleep time and weekends are required to re energies my batteries, so that I can continue to provide you with a first class service.

Do you own your Domain Name..

Do you own your Domain Name..


Your Domain Name is an important asset for your company, and it should be registered in your/company name. Sadly this is not always the case.

How to check, go to ‘Domain Tools‘ website, it’s a free service, enter your website address. Scroll down to the;’ Whois Record’ and look for the following,

Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Your name
Registrant Organization: Your business
Registrant Street: Your address
Registrant City: Your Town/city

If this doesn’t show your name and your details, it is probably registered in the name of the person/company who set up your website. get onto them and tell them to change the details from their’s to yours.

If you encounter any problems with this, contact me and I will advise you of your options to correct this.




Free Initial Enquiry.


It doesn't cost anything for you to make an initial enquiry to determine whether I can help you in setting up or recover an existing website. Use the contact form and describe briefly what your requirements are. I will contact you by email or phone (your choice) and we can discuss your options, and decide if you want to take your enquiry (or not) to the next stage.

If after the free enquiry stage, you decide that I can help Project Manage your website, then I shall begin drafting a report on what I consider your next steps to be.

This report will outline the proposals for creating your website. The style (Theme) is suggested, colours etc, images to be used, font details, plugins required(see Glossary), prices etc. These details will take into account existing materials, brochures, business cards etc or if this is a new site, I will obtain,  if required, quotes from graphic designers about logo styles etc that can be incorporated into your website and can also be used for producing your printed material.

I will also detail any content requirements, including text, images and video, and who is responsible for producing these.

My remit is to source the basic requirements, free Themes/Plugins/images etc. If I identify that your website needs features which are classed as 'Premium' ie paid for, I will discuss this with you prior to purchase. These are charged at costs, and registered in your name.

In essence you are paying me to be your Website Project Manager, as such all purchases will be discussed with you.

I believe that once a budget is agreed, your Website will be delivered to that budget. If you require any changes to your initial 'plan' and they require additional funding, then this is your responsibility. Any changes required that I deem should have been part of the initial 'Plan' then these are my responsibility.

If you have already approached another website designer and have received an outline proposal, but you need help in translating it from 'techno speech' to plain English, contact me. I will only charge you a modest fee, which makes economic sense before committing yourself and finding out down the line that your website is not fit for purpose and will cost you an arm and a leg to put right.


My Promise

If you like me, hate getting follow up emails/telephone calls after you made an enquiry, I promise this will not happen. Up until a contract is agreed, all correspondence from myself will be in response to requests from you. After a Plan has been agreed all correspondence will be about your website. Promise.

Getting Started Costs

HOSTING: This price is applcable for all Pricing Platforms.This fee is ongoing and is 'Charged at Costs'. Payment is made by you, direct to the Hosting Provider.
£ 4.99 to £9.99 per month (Max)
Website (Individual Hosting)
  • Hosting Plan includes WordPress Web Platform (latest updated version)
  • This pricing may include a free Domain name
  • Inclusive of Non Premium Themes and Plugins
  • Basic Plan: Security Features, SEO,Google Analytics
  • A back up of your site is made and hosted on my web server. See domain names for more about this feature.

Domain Name

Some Domain names are inclusive of the Hosting price, others may be charged at a nominal fee.
Domain fees can be selected for a year or in multiples of,
  • 1 Domain name ie :- .co.uk, .uk, .com. There are a multitude of different domain names. The domain ending .UK is reserved for '.co.uk' holders and is usually free.
  • Domain name search is undertaken on your behalf.
  • Suggestion: Keep domain name separate from your hosting provider. As part of all the packages I offer, a back up is made of your website. If in the event of your main website going down for any reason, the Domain can be pointed to the back up site.
  • If you are a start-up, and you have not named your company, try searching for a Domain name for your preferred Company name. You can search for domain names by going to 'Namesco.co.uk'

One Page Site

Often referred to as a Landing Page, and useful for 'get me on the web' requirements.
The page will have the following features:-
  • Company Information
  • Contact details, which includes Google Map, Telephone/Mobile Number, Email Contact, and Address.
  • Incorporate provided images into Landing Page.
  • Includes features listed on 'Getting Started' panel.

Landing Page +

Parralax/Scrolling One Page Website
£ 125.00
Scrolling Website
  • Includes 5 pages/menu headings, typically these are Home, About Us, Services/Product. Clients/Portfolio and Contact page and are part of the main menu.
  • The pages/menu names listed can be amended for personal preference.
  • Home Page: This is the page where your visitor are introduced to your company, and informs the user of 'What you do'
  • About Us: More in depth information, detailing your history, etc
  • Services/Products: Explain what services or products you provide. A list of services/products. If you require an additional page for each service/product this is charged at the additional pages amount.
  • This website is an example of a Scrolling Landing page
  • A scrolling landing page can include backgrounds, either a single colour(s) or images. Images need to be provided by you and copyright cleared.

Basic Website

Multipage Website
£ 399.00
  • Maximum 10 pages
  • If you already have a website, enquire about our special offer to relocate to a WordPress site

Commerce Website

For selling your product(s) and services online.
£150 an addon to the basic website costs
per Website
  • Options:
  • 1) If you have small number of products this addon may suit you. The costs include setting up payment oprions such as Paypal and Amazon Pay.
  • 2) If you have quite a few products, you may wish to set up an Amazon Seller account, and provide links to your Amazon Selling page.
  • Either of these options is explained in further details at the planning stage.

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